I’ve worked in higher education since 1985 and have at William & Mary since 2004. My job is basically talking to scientists, which I enjoy very much. There are other parts of my job, including writing about what the scientists have told me, which isn’t so enjoyable. If any experienced writer tells you they like to write, they likely mean that they enjoy the completion of the composition. They like ‘having written,’ if you will. I’m the same way; I like the challenge of explaining complex topics to a lay audience. When I can see that I’ve gotten it right, it’s a big rush. My office is out in Discovery, but you can often find me in the science buildings at the university, looking for The Story. I tell The Story in a number of ways. I also work with outside media, relating The Story in hopes that they will help tell about William & Mary research.

The Global Administrative Database: Accurate, open-source guide to subnational borders
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